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Instax Manila

Three months ago, Gerard and Nimu were interviewed by Instax Manila. Read the full interview here.

Instax Manila is an online store intended not only for potential Instax camera buyers, but also for anyone out there who is interested in instant photography. Instax Manila is run by Kara Hizon.

Other than Instax Manila, Kara also owns Lomo Loco Shop, which has been online since August 2009- so its pretty obvious she's into photography. But Kara is also a rakista at heart. Gerard bumped into Kara at the Incubus concert last July. And yeah, this girl is ready to rock 'n roll! She also watched the 30 Seconds to Mars concert the day after wearing a bikini! hahaha! Too bad Gerard wasn't able to see that! Kara told Nimu that she enjoys reading Gerard's adventures, especially about the musicians and his dancing videos.

Gerard's curious facts about Kara:
  • She's a database engineer. "What the hell is that??" screamed Gerard. 
  • She's always stoked on surfing! Baler, La Union, Hawaii... you name it, she's there!
  • On some occasions, she could finish a big, greasy burger in just one sitting.
  • She likes Gavin Rossdale, Jared Leto, Brandon Boyd, and Prince Charming.
  • Recently, her whole bag was stolen. All of her important stuff were in it. She came home that night and ate copious amounts of ice cream.

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