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Pat Mateo

You may have noticed Gerard hasn't been around much lately, or at least he hasn't been posting here. He just got out of the robo-hospital a few days ago because of scratches and bruises. He was there for 3 days and was given massive amounts of "anti-robiotics" and "petroleum-painkillers". The minor injuries were caused by too much manhandling… photographer Pat Mateo.

Gerard and Pat are good friends. They like to act scenes and lines from Pinoy action movies during a photo-shoot break. All bromance aside, Pat Mateo is a really really good photographer. He's one of the favorite photographers of NiMu's team because he's cool, funny, and easy to work with.

Gerard's thought bubble: "Have you ever heard people in real life speak with such slow, deep voices and metaphors?" In this photo, Pat and Gerard were reenacting a scene from Fernando Poe Jr.'s movie "Batas Sa Aking Kamay". 
Gerard as FPJ
Pat as Eddie Garcia 

Pat (as Major): “Marami ka pang….bigas na kakanin.”
Gerard: “Di ako kumakain ng bigas, Major. Sinasaing ko muna...para maging kanin! Ikaw pala Major….. bigas pa lang…. kinakain mo na.”

Pat got a little bit carried away and squeezed Gerard too hard that resulted minor scratches and bruises.

Pat and Gerard also goofed around and shared tagalog quotes from movies such as "Mag-hunusdili ka, Inay!", "Salbahe!", "Hinay-hinay!", "Ilabas mo ang pitaka mo, ngayon din!", “Puno na ang salop, dapat ka nang kalusin!” and, “Huwag mo na linlangin ang sarili mo, anak."

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