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Armi Millare

Gerard wipes the raindrops on his forehead and arms while waiting for his photo-op with Armi Millare. It's raining cats, dogs, elephants and hippos that friday night. Friday night and rain are not a perfect combination, Gerard thought. But a chance to meet and say "Hi!" to Up Dharma Down's vocalist turns from perfect into a surreal moment. Yup, a little rust won't hurt him!

Finally, after a minute of waiting, it's Gerard's turn for his 10 seconds with Armi. Can I have a picture with ya, Gerard asks. "Sure. Wow! You're so cute!" Armi says. THUMP!! THUMP!! BOOM!! Gerard's metal heart raptures and dies for a second! Well, Gerard shouldn't be surprised; Armi's pure talent and pretty face would actually make everyone die with happiness. After their photo-op, she rushes out of the soaked B-side to attend another gig. 

The first time Gerard listened to Up Dharma Down was back in 2007. They're brilliant. Fast-forward to 2011, UDD is still that brilliant band. Hmmmm…brilliant is not the word. Hailed by TIme Magazine as the Asian band most likely to cross over to the lucrative Anglophone market of America, UDD is GENIUS.

If Gerard had a chance to talk with Armi longer that 10 seconds, he would probably ask cliche questions like "Who's Dharma?" "Why did you cut your hair?" or " Why are you so god damn pretty??!" But looking at their cute photo together, he's not regretting any of it. It's the most epicly awesome 10 seconds of his life!!!

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  1. Hey, Gerard! Now we have one thing in common: a of our giggly selves with this awesome woman!