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Agot Isidro

"Cupcake…" Gerard whispered to himself when he saw her. 

It was love-at-first-sight the moment he saw Alex Macunatan's face on the TV screen. The sweet and charming way she uttered the word "Papsie" never failed to melt Gerard's metal heart. Since then, he never missed an episode of Oki Doki Dok and thought that his subscription to "The Robo-human Channel", the RoboPlanet counterpart of "The Filipino Channel", was worth every single Roney (the primary currency in RoboPlanet).

You could just imagine Gerard's excitement when he finally met Agot Isidro aka "Cupcake" a few months ago at a photo shoot for one of her product endorsements. Gerard couldn't help but be attracted to Agot's magnetic beauty and personality. "No wonder Doc Aga's head over heels for her," he said.

Gerard was also pleasantly surprised when he learned that Agot is already in her 40's.  "What the… it can't be!" he exclaimed. Gerard (in stalker mode) read in Agot's blog that she's a gym and Yoga nut, which explains her fit and healthy physique. Another thing that Gerard found interesting is that Agot loves to eat. "She eats like a horse?! That's un-freakin-believable! She looks AWESOME!" Gerard said, falling in love with "Cupcake" all over again. 


  1. Agot is in her 40s already? Wow, she certainly doesn't look her age!

  2. Yes, she's 45 already. But still looking young. I admire this girl so much as well as her personality.

  3. She always inspired me, she have a very strong carisma!, there is something on here eyes "eyes is the mirror of our soul:, and beauty that will give you a oddly feelings "di kayang ipaliwanag!".. I've been her fan since grade school and until now I'm always excited everythime I saw an article, heard a news, teleserye, albums and most specially movies not to be added of collecting her DVD's (*_*)...

    ~hoping one of this days... one of my visit in the Philippines..i can she her in person nor watch her shows, weird but that's one of my dreams!..~

    from Kuwait