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A Girl Named Kitchie

Kitchie Cruz was listening to Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" on her computer the day she met Gerard. She has that pretty face, charming and sweet personality, and sense of humor that Gerard and every teenage boy out there dreams of. Kitchie may have that girl-next-door charm. She's definitely not your ordinary girl. She has an appetite of a baby cow! Hahaha! Yup, she can devour a big hamburger by herself… with fries and ice cream on the side. "But why," Gerard thought, "with all that calories and carbs…she never gained weight?"

She was an editorial assistant for travel, lifestyle, showbiz and gaming magazines at her previous job. And being the youngest employee at that time, she experienced a lot of pressure and challenges. But those stressful days didn't stop her from having a good laugh and sharing jokes with everyone. She also loves shopping. Now, she works for accessory line Zuri where she jumbles marketing strategies, travel and events. The coolest part… she's able to wear all those beautiful Zuri accessories (just like what she's wearing on the photo).

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