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Cupcakes and Mustaches

Beverly Dalton threw a kick-ass sugar high Cupcake Party for her 28th birthday. Mmmm…well, it was not actually a party because it was just five of them—Eric, Reggie, Nimu and Gerard. Bevs ordered 4 kinds of cupcakes and iced hazelnut coffee at Cupcakes by SONJA. Gerard's favorite cupcake is the Outrageous Mississipi Mudpie.

With Bevs, there is no such thing as ordinary and she just loves being random. On top of all the calories, caffeine and shinanigans, the birthday girl made paper mustaches for her amigos! They looked like mexican bandits. Really really cool!

Thanks so much Bevs for the party!! Those yummy cup cakes will be forever in our hearts (and on our hips)! -Nimu, Gerard, Reggie, Eric

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