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Flying Forward

European sneaker Feiyue steps for the first time in the Philippines! Gerard attended the media launch of Feiyue last October 13 at Opus, ResortsWorld.

"Fei...yue...fei..yuh...fei..yeah? Sounds like a tongue twister to me," Gerard said. Feiyue (pronounced afeî-ué), that literally means "flying forward" in chinese, was a originally a chinese brand that makes those comfy kung fu shoes. In 2006, Feiyue was bought and revamped by the french dudes! Awesome!

Gerard wanted a detailed history of the sneaker, so he asked Matthews Chang.
Matthews was the presenter at the launch and he told the sneaker's cool history to everyone. He's the marketing representative of Feiyue Singapore. Gerard considers him the coolest guy in those khakis, glasses, and Feiyue sneaks.

Yay! Nimu got a free pair! She got a Feiyue Delta Mid in gray and suede. Gerard wished Feiyue made those cool shoes his size! Thanks Feiyue!!! :)

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