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Hippie Bloggers

When Gerard was in eighth grade, gazillion light years ago, he had a loose polo shirt that he wore with bell bottom jeans. That shirt—which his mother loathed—was floral with colors including blues and greens. He usually wore it on Friday nights. He was a hippie!

Gerard took a trip back to the Hippieville when he met these four bloggers at a photo shoot for a local brand. 

Shai Lagarde, Crissey Si, Valerie Chua and Dominique Tiu wore the updated versions of a bohemian: leather, scarves, fringes, and patterns—floral or crazy graphics—and wore it with…ehem…wait for it….JEANS (Gerard had to press the caps lock button on that word)!

They totally put the power back in flower! They've come to spread peace, love and happiness with Gerard!

Check out their blogs!

Dominique Tiu                                 Valeria Chua


Crissey Si                                  Shai Lagarde


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