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Last Hurrah

Gerard showed up in an impromptu farewell party. Just like any other party in "robo"-world, there's pizza, drinks, overflowing stories and goodbyes.

Attending a farewell party is always a bitter sweet moment, but that didn't stop Gerard to have F-U-N!

Christian Regis finally decided to do a long-term shoot on location…
outside Hinge Inquirer.
(spot Gerard)

Honey Cortes will be missed by many. Gerard will miss her cute eye smile and Adobong Spam during lunch. And because Gerard can't go through security guard checks and metal detectors in shopping mall entrances, she asked Honey to buy for him the following stuff:

See you around, Christian and Honey!


  1. Thank you Nimu! I met Gerard, I like him :)

  2. Thanks! See you soon, Christian! Buy me a robo-girl too! :)