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Turning Korean

Yes, Gerard joined the craze of the capital K!

He went to this hole-in-the-wall Korean restaurant, owned by an old Korean guy, located in a small street across A.Venue, Makati. The place was rather shabby from the outside, but on the inside, it's clean and well-lit. At first, Gerard started worrying about not being able to interpret the menu. With some help from his friends, he ordered Samgyupsal and Bulgogi, with one being a pork dish and the other is beef.

Gerard grilled the meat by himself! Good job! This is the part of the reason why he enjoys Korean food, he can be a random robot—combining meat with veggies to his liking! Woooot!

Originally known as "Team Yup": Beverly Dalton and Reggie Aquino, and NiMu enjoying the free fruit dessert.
(spot Gerard)

They went to a Korean (again) grocery near the restaurant and had Korean ice cream. By the end of the night, Gerard was saying "Annyeong!" to greet people, and "Otoke?!" whenever he gets shocked. 

Reggie at the grocery. Gerard loves to listen to her random stories.

Quick Question: How many times is the word KOREAN mentioned in this post?

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