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En Route: Baler, Aurora

"What is surfing again?" Gerard asked NiMu while packing his things in his metal backpack. "The word "surf," as far as  I know, is when you visit the world wide web. Why go all the way to Baler just to check out websites?"

"You'll see when we get to Baler," NiMu quickly answered, looking so busy preparing her own stuff. "Don't forget your sunblock, okay?" Gerard rolled his eyes as he got up and looked for a bottle of sunblock.

It was a Friday night. Gerard, together with NiMu and her boyfriend, Jake, and their two other friends, are going to the Surf and Music Festival 2011 in Baler, Aurora, for the long weekend. "3 days of surfing?! Crazy, crazy people," Gerard said to himself. 

They hopped in the bus and took their seats. Gerard made sure he sat beside the window. NiMu told him to sleep because it will be a looooooooooooong ride. "Besides, you will need plenty of energy for tomorrow's surfing lessons," NiMu said.

Gerard didn't realize that he slept for almost 9 hours straight until NiMu woke him up. Gerard couldn't believe his eyes what he saw outside the bus window, "BEACH!!!!!!!" he shouted.

This is the beach of Sabang, Baler. Fine sand, waves, amazing scenery… This is the LIFE! 

Gerard: So that's why you said to bring sunblock!!
NiMu: DUH!
Gerard: Okaaaaay, okaaaay, sorry! So, what's our game plan?
NiMu: SURF!!!

Gerard's metal jaw dropped when saw some guys standing on a board in the middle of the sea. "Ooooh, so that's surfing. It's like skateboarding, but on water." he said. Nimu gave a FREE SURFING stub to Gerard. 

A lot of people go to Baler to enjoy the beach and surf. Gerard made new surfer friends!

Gerard couldn't wait to surf. Local surfers told him to choose a surfboard. Gerard chose the yellow surfboard with skull logo. He wanted to be a bad-ass surfer.

Arvin is Gerard's surfing instructor. Arvin is a local in Baler and he's a very good surfer. He even won surfing competitions.

Before the actual surfing, Arvin enumerated the parts of the surfboard, how to paddle, how to stand on a surfboard, and safety measures when surfing. Gerard was listening intently to Arvin's lessons and instructions. He even helped Arvin put some wax onto the board.

Arvin: Tara na sa dagat!
Gerard: *gulp* Um…okay!


At first, Gerard failed to stood on the surfboard because of the strong waves and his knees were shaking. After a few attempts, he finally did it! Gerard robo-surfed! His surfing experience went on for about 40 minutes until Gerard and Arvin got out of the ocean.

Gerard cant really explain the feeling. He was stoked! After his surfing experience, Gerard now wants to be the first robot surfer instructor and show off his washboard abs! He wants to go back to Baler soon!

Gerard left a mark...

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