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Website Makeover

Hey, Gerard's blog got a new spankin' look! It looks way better than before.

But Gerard never had a problem with how his old site looked. Since he had an oil change last weekend, might as well change the look of his site, too.

First, Gerard changed the logo. He asked his friend Wilver Alquino to draw Gerard's logo in exchange for a cold bottle of beer. Nice, right? It's very sketchy and rough and cute all at the same time. Gerard loves the green, red, blue and yellow colors, because those are the only colors he knows. Haha!

Second, changing the font to COURIER. The logic behind it: Gerard=Courier. It's the standard font for all robots and computers. Gerard loves Courier since he was a little sprocket. Courier suits him because it's more robot-ish and mechanical.

Last step, Gerard trimmed the fat. His idea of "trimming the fat" came from the movie Horrible Bosses, he needs to remove unnecessary stuff on his site. Just like he trashed the search button, because he hated that button and there's nothing to search about.

So, whaddya think?

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