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Jericho Rosales

Gerard met a lot of new friends in Baler—musicians, local surfers and tourists. But the highlight of his social life in Baler was when he met the coolest, most humble, and the most good-looking guy he ever met, Jericho Rosales. Ummmkay…that's so gay.

"Hi, Jericho! I'm Gerard."

"Just call me Echo, bro."

"Cool shirt!" Gerard said.

And they did the secret brutha-hood handshake.

Echo is an actor known for his humble beginnings and worked his way to the top. He is really cool and very humble. He has really perfected being the everyman. Gerard feels like he knows him since forever, and he's like a buddy.

Echo and Gerard took their bromance to the next level and talked about a lot of stuff like movies, music, girls, cars, beach, girls, and…girls. The conversation was frequently interrupted by fans who want to have a picture with Echo, and most of the time, these fans asked Gerard to take the picture for them. Gerard didn't mind.

Echo loves the beach and surfing is his past time when he's on vacation. Waves relaxes him and makes him feel energized. "Surfing ignites my inner being and surfing gives me a kind of calm that relaxes my mind," Echo said. He invited Gerard for a surfing session, it'll be cool if both of of them could be surfing buddies.

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